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About TPII

We created this private network as a place to interact with academics separate from the toxicity of social media.

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We offer free, no-b.s. advising for your academic and post-academic career. We also strive to expose exploitation in the academy, and support adjuncts and marginalized academic communities, including Black and Indigenous women, as well as other scholars of color, those who are first-gen, queer, trans, or/and visa-insecure.

About Dr. Karen

Dr. Karen is former university professor and department head. She gives you the info you need to get through the academic job market, grant-writing, career strategizing, tenure, and the post-ac transition. Talk to her about grants large and small, job cover letters, c.v.s, teaching statements and research statements, the job talk, manuscripts, interview prep, and tenure documents...and the non-academic job search and interview. Find her book, The Professor Is In: The Essential Guide To Turning Your Ph.D. Into a Job

About Kel

Kel Weinhold is a former university professor in the fields of journalism, communication, and literary non-fiction who now works as a strategic communications coach and consultant. In addition to having twelve years of experience in the university setting, and enormous savvy about the ways of university hiring and politics, Kel is a dedicated advocate of work life balance and is the sworn enemy of neoliberal work creep. In addition to her university experience, Kel has spent almost 40 years as a working writer, 25 as an editor and five as a productivity coach. She knows all of the sneaky ways that imposter syndrome and perfectionism try to run the show. She created Professor is In’s Unstuck: The Art of Productivity to combat the Blue Meanies that try to make you believe they tell the truth.

In addition to the free stuff:

We offer one-on-one coaching and editing as well as workshops and seminars. Exposing adjunct/contingent exploitation. Supporting first-gen, POC, white women, queer and trans, visa-insecure scholars. One primary mission is to support Black Women. If you are a Black Woman academic struggling to find resources and mentorship, please get in touch.